RHandy Portable Radiation Detector and Dose Rate Meter


One click turn on.


Automatic Radiation Detection and Dose Rate Meter 2 in 1. It will instantly detect and measure radioactivity whether it is In or On clothing, food, water or even air.


When it detects the presence of radioactivity it automatically gives you a visual and audio warning.


Simply position the unit in close proximity to the object that needs to be scanned. Instantly measures any material for the presence of radioactivity whether it is clothing, food, water or even air.


RadCom has designed an easy to use fast responding portable radiation detector providing early warning of the presence of radiation contamination that anyone can use.


The selectable display readout will show the desired units of measure such as Counts per Second (CPS), or Dose-Rate (nSv/h, µSv/h or mSv/h) or (nR/h, µR/h or mR/h, R/h). The displayed radiation level is auto-scaling with warning messages.


In addition to the fast response of the units, the adjustable alarm threshold setting can be set to a predetermined radiation level or the recommended factory default alarm threshold. Operation of the RHandy is completely automatic once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been decided upon.

Dose Meter

There is a resettable accumulated dose parameter that can be used for personal absorbed dose monitoring. For example this feature can also be used for monitoring the home's air intake. Tracking of the air intake filter will provide vital information such as when to switch off the air and when to change the filter.

Visual and Audio

Listen for the varying audio alarm to sound and/or watch the displayed readings to increase.